Windows are one of the ubiquitous things most people don’t think about. You see through them and it lets light in. But have you really thought about the many things your windows actually do for you?

Here’s our top eight reasons to upgrade your windows!


8. Let in more light

Did you know that natural light in the workplace increases employee morale? Well the same principle applies at home as well. The more natural light you get, the better you will feel. More light also has the effect of making your home look and feel larger. Brighter spaces feel more open and wide, while darker spaces feel confined and cramp.


7. Seal imperfections in your windows

If you feel a draft and the windows are still closed, that means its time to get new windows. Especially in older homes, your stock windows may be wearing out. Keep the temperature in your home properly regulated and avoid losing heat in the winter.


6. Increase energy efficiency

Modern windows keep the air outside out and the air inside in. That means less money and energy spent keeping your house warm in the winter, or cooled in the summer. Air conditioners are only effective if the conditioned air is pushed into a smaller space. Poor insulation is one of the main causes of high energy costs in Calgary.


5. Reduce fading

UV rays can damage your furniture, carpet, and decor. Long turn exposure to the sun can cause leather and other textiles to lose their colour and become coarse over time. Getting modern, UV protected windows is key to keeping your belongings and yourself safe.


4. Conform to modern building codes

Windows from the 70s or earlier may not conform to today’s building standards. You need to feel comfortable on the other side of a window when extreme weather occurs. If you rent out a home or own a commercial establishment, this is incredibly important.


3. Deter criminals

Most home invasions happen because of weak window security. Older windows can be especially unsafe, as many of them can even be unscrewed out. Modern windows are made of tougher glass and are designed to be difficult to remove without the proper equipment.


2. Improve appearance

It’s amazing what nice windows can do for the appearance of a home. Even if the rest of the home isn’t improved at the same time as the windows, a modern window can also look great on an older home. This is because recent trends in aesthetics and window design are based upon the principle that windows should be simple, ubiquitous, and able to stand on its own.


1. Boost resale value

It’s a no brainer that any improvements to your home will increase its resale value. But improving windows in particular can largely boost the resale value of a home simply due to the other 7 benefits listed above. Prospective buyers will love it because they will feel safer, appreciate the look, and save money on energy costs.