Screw Pilings versus Cement Pilings 

Are screw pilings preferable to traditional cement pilings for the foundation of a sunroom?    Everyone is familiar with traditional cement pilings but since screw pilings are a more recent advancement in residential construction, I’d like to take a moment to describe this technology.  A screw piling is simply a steel post with a cylindrical steel plate winding around it like an auger that is screwed into the earth to hold a load or support a structure.  This excellent new innovation in the sphere of residential construction- specifically sunroom installations- has come to us via the oil and gas industry where screw pilings have been used for a long time to hold rigs down.  This technology is catching on across the residential construction industry because of its many advantages.


Screw pilings are highly advantageous because they can be installed in all kinds of weather with little to no disruption of pre-existing landscaping.  Very little soil is displaced during the process so there are no mounds of dirt to dispense with, nor is there the damage to lawns and other landscaping associated with heavy excavating equipment.  Because there is no jack-hammering, the procedure is quiet and non-intrusive.  The process is computerized and fully engineered from start to finish.  The machine that is used to drive the piles monitors compaction levels.  When the proper compaction level is achieved the pile is set.  This is especially advantageous when working in soil that isn’t ideal for pilings such as swampy areas; screw pilings enable one to go deep enough to ensure a secure foundation.

Screw pilings are installed very quickly compared to traditional cement pilings and there is no curing time associated so they are ready to take their load immediately.  For the past 3 years Select Sunrooms has been using screw pilings instead of traditional cement pilings for the foundations of our sunrooms.  We have found this technology not only to be cost effective, but superior to traditional cement pilings in many ways.  If you are interested in learning more about our sunrooms, come in and visit our showroom at 50 5329 72 Avenue in Calgary, AB or check out our website at