This year’s winter has extended long into our usual spring months.  April showers were replaced by April flurries and we hope the late arrival of spring doesn’t mean our Calgary summer will be cut short.  As an Albertan you have grown accustom to unpredictable weather and even rain flurries can’t deter you from spending time in the great outdoors.  Upgrade your outdoor living space with a patio cover and enjoy backyard living at its best in all kinds of weather.

Patio Covers Extend Living Space

Installing a patio cover in your yard extends the overall living space of your home.  By adding this shelter you can spend more time outside protected by the weather.  Enjoy fresh air while doing activities you would normally do inside like reading, playing games or even working on your lap top.

A patio cover protects you from UV rays and rain, allowing your family to enjoy your yard in all seasons.  Imagine sitting outside watching the kids play, entertaining guests with a barbeque, and starting your morning with a coffee on the patio.  Patio covers are a simple way to extend your living space and to spend more time outside this summer…while summer lasts!

Patio Covers Increases Home Design and Market Value

The design of a patio cover can improve the overall look of your home and yard design.  There are many options available that allow your patio cover to fit in with the design of your house and the natural landscape of your yard.  They are available in many different styles with features that will best suit your needs and could increase the value of your home.

A glazed patio cover will allow natural sunlight to enter your patio area while still reducing glare and protecting you from UV rays.  The V-Pan patio cover is great for those with a lower budget and can be installed with skylights.  Choose an insulated patio cover and experience the same benefits and type of roof used for full sunrooms.  A retractable patio roof allows you to use your patio cover whenever you need it and retract it when you would like to sit in the sunshine.

Because of the weather we experience in this part of the country, a retractable wall system is great for Calgary homeowners.  Tempered glass panels allow you to maintain a good temperature while blocking out any unwanted noise from outside.  The glass panels move easily, are not obstructed by unattractive wood or metal framing, and can be customized to all kinds of outdoor enclosures.  A retractable patio wall system will increase the market value of your property.


Patio Covers Built to Last

A patio cover from Select Sunrooms is made from the best materials and is built to last through all seasons.  Patio covers include designs that can withstand heavy loads (of snow) and can have Firegaurd imbedded in the roof system to protect against fire.

All Select Sunroom patio covers come with an extruded aluminum eaves trough system to collect water and downpipes to run the water away from your patio and home.  Extruded “I” beams with square aluminum posts are installed for support, ensuring your patio is sturdy and secure.

To view a complete selection of patio covers visit Select Sunrooms.  If there is a specific design you have in mind we are there to help bring that design to reality.