Glazed Patio Cover

Select glazed patio covers add value and utility to your home by protecting key portions of your patio or deck from rain, snow, and UV rays. Protect your outdoor kitchen, barbeque equipment, or deck furniture from the weather.

With Select glazed patio covers, you can transform any outdoor space into a comfortable living area with greater utility than ever before. Our customization options allow you to design the outdoor space of your dreams.

Select also has Glass Roof Patio Covers available for Maximum Light.

Select Glazed Acrylic Patio Covers come in one of three colours:

  • Clear – Let in large amounts of light while protecting your patio/deck
  • Opaque – Let in some light without direct sunlight while reducing glare
  • Bronze – Get maximum protection from sunlight while retaining clarity



Insulated Roof

Our Insulated roofs are the same roofs we install over our sunrooms. The roof panels contain high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides. Select roof systems have and extruded “T” Bar between each panel to add strength and durability. Colonial Gutter is optional on Select Patio Covers.

Insulated Patios when used for sunrooms have a Fireguard (Drywall) embedded in the roof system for protection against fire. Insulated Roofs are available in  2 1/2 inch, 4 inch depths. Insulated roofs on sunrooms can be extended to create a patio cover.

Select fireguard systems have added benefits in addition to fire resistance:

  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Long term protection from weather exposure




For the budget minded, the ever popular “V” Pan Patio Cover is designed to withstand heavy loads and the most severe climates. We can project up to 20 feet without the need of a centre beam to give you more patio area. Skylites can be installed into the roof to allow more light over windows.

V-Pans can be used for walkways, deck covers and carports, and are a practical and inexpensive alternative to traditional covers.

Pre-fabricated modules are strong, yet light weight, installed in a fraction of the time needed as a traditional roof. An integral, concealed gutter keeps the water away and its structure meets or exceeds the building code for snow and wind load. The support system is finer than wood at the same strength, so no bulky eyesore 2 x 8 lumber required.

As a deck cover, it can be used at a lesser slope and larger span than other construction materials. Supported by 3 inch rigid aluminum square posts and cross beam, it will withstand the harshest weather conditions.