Sunrooms create an additional living space for your Calgary home.  The open concept and multitude of windows give you the feeling of spending time outdoors, without ever having to leave the house.  It provides you with a bug-free dining option, a place to escape when it’s raining and allows more of the suns natural light into your house.  Living in a winter climate, having a sunroom allows homeowners to enjoy the feeling of being outside and the natural light, on colder and shorter days.

The main feature of a sunroom is its windows.  For some homeowners, they pop their head in the sunroom, see all of those windows and start to think of energy loss as the cold winter temperatures being to plummit.  In some cases, homeowners decide to close off the sunroom in the winter, assuming heating this space is a futile effort.  This is a terrible waste of such a beneficial and beautiful all season sunroom!

Energy Efficient Sunroom Technology

Modern technology has brought in a new range of highly energy efficient sunrooms.  Construction materials and designs for sunrooms have been adapted for peak energy efficiency, especially in a colder Canadian climate.  There are options that include insulated high performance Low E-glass, thermally broken frames, and built in shading systems.  Low-E glass is used in colder climates.  It boosts energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer while filtering out damaging ultraviolet rays.  Not only does it keep your sunroom warmer in the winter, but it will keep it cooler in the summer as well.

Low-E glass windows are insulated with Argon gas.  The gas has no smell, taste and is non-toxic.  It is heavier than air and makes a good insulator when installed between two panes of glass.  This insulation helps reduce frost and condensation, helping to prevent moisture damage in your sunroom.

Using high quality products will reduce the amount of wasted energy and lower your heating bills.  Keep in mind that quality materials may be more expensive, but cheap prices usually amount to poor quality, inefficient sunrooms that come with many problems.  If you see an unbelievably cheap price for a sunroom in your search, it is probably too good to be true.

Tips for Additional Efficiency

Besides focusing on the materials and technology used to build your sunroom, there are simple additions you can make to further increase your sunroom’s efficiency.  Adding window treatments to the inside of your sunroom can also contribute to an energy efficient sunroom.  They can add an extra layer of insulation to the area they cover and also help provide shade and keep things cool when the sun is beaming through your glass.  Choose from draperies, wood or vinyl shutters that will fit with the style of the room and your home.

If you have several windows that open and close in your sunroom, make sure you clean the tracks and seals before the big freeze.  Dirt and debris can break the air tight seal and allow heat to escape.  You should also check your weather stripping and make sure there are no tears or leaks.

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