The sun provides us with light and warmth.  It lifts our spirits!  While there are many benefits of sunlight too much of it can have negative effects on our health and even our indoor environment at home.  Too much sunlight can create uncomfortable excessive heat.  This could cause homeowners to leave their air conditioning systems running longer, increasing their energy costs.   UV rays can fade your flooring, furniture and upholstery.  Unwanted glare coming through the window can make things like working on the computer or watching television nearly impossible.

Habitat exterior roll screens are like sunglasses for your house.  They are completely retractable, easy to see through and create a cool environment in your home without interfering with your view.  On top of that, they provide solar protection, lessen UV damage on your home and household items, help moderate the temperature and provide additional privacy in the daytime.

Habitat exterior roll screens are installed on the outside of your home.  This allows them to block the sun before it even touches your windows, making them many times more efficient than other interior window treatments.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRCAN) selected Talius Habitat Screens for a comprehensive study on the energy efficiency of exterior shading versus interior solar shading.  The study concluded that Talius products are the most efficient at reducing heating and cooling energy use, the on-peak cooling power demand, and the moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of windows in your home.  The NRCC reports that energy use for heating and cooling accounts for 63% of total energy consumption of average Canadian homes (NRCAN, 2006).

The overall energy efficiency of your home will increase with exterior roll screen technology.  By reducing your carbon footprint you will increase your savings on cooling and heating costs.  On top of that, habitat roll screens are made of a thermo-screen fabric that absorbs and reflects UV rays.  They are available in three different weave densities and can reduce solar gain by 80% (NRCAN, 2009).

Unlike other window treatments, habitat roll screens keep out the glare and heat without keeping out the light.  When the screen is rolled down the room is still well lit and the window still provides good visibility to the world outside.  Habitat roll screens can be control manually by a simple detachable crank system.  Alternatively, they can also be controlled by a remote indoors.  They also come with settings that allow you to set a timer and have the screen detract automatically at sunset, when the sun starts to shine right into your home.

Talius Roll Screen

Habitat Roll Screens from Select Windows

Select Windows has habitat exterior roll screens available in a variety of colours and fabrics.  They can be used for residential or commercial applications, to close in patios, increase the comfort of any indoor environment or to convert your deck or patio to a comfortable outdoor space. 

Roll screens can be screen printed with graphics and advertising, allowing business owners an additional avenue for promoting their products and services.

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