Benefits of a Patio Cover

Summer is here and Calgary homeowners are spending more time outdoors.  You love to drink your mid-morning coffee on the deck, or have your neighbours over for a patio barbeque.  Make your outdoor living space more comfortable with a patio cover.  Not only will it provide shade and protect you from the sun, it will also endure the life of our patio furniture and give you an usable outdoor space rain or shine.

Patio covers have come a long way in the last decade.  You can have a patio cover custom built to cover your existing space and match the exterior design of your home.  You can shade a small portion of your yard, the entire side of your house, to cover a walkway or garden area.  Not only will it increase the usability of your yard it will also increase the value of your home.

Your covered patio can be decorated and furnished according to your family’s outdoor needs and lifestyle.  Create a seating area for socializing and relaxing, a barbeque area for cooking and a table and chairs area for dining.  The possibilities are endless!

Types of Patio Covers

When choosing a patio cover , you have plenty of options.  The most popular and durable material for patio covers is metal.  Metal patio covers include glazed acrylic covers, insulated roof covers, and the V-pan patio cover.  Wood or pergola style patio covers are also popular but they require a little more maintenance and are not as durable.

Glazed Patio Covers

Glazed patio covers are a good option for those looking for more natural light in their patio area.  Picture a glass-roofed gazebo, sunroom-patio cover hybrid that protects you and your furniture from the rain.  Choose between:

  • Clear glazing:  for lots of natural light.
  • Opaque glazing:  To reduce the glare of the sun a little more, giving natural light without direct sunlight.
  • Bronze material:  to give more clarity and protection from the sun.
  • Glass roof:  for maximum sunlight.

Insulated Roof

Insulated roof patio covers are installed with the same type of roof you would use to build a sunroom.  The roof panels contain a high density foam core protected by aluminum skins laminated on both sides.  These insulated roof panels are available in 2.5 inch and 4 inch depths.

Select Sunrooms installs insulated roof patio covers with an extruded T-bar system between each panel to add strength and durability.  You can also choose a colonial gutter system.  If you are planning on building a full sunroom, the insulated roof of your sunroom can be extended to create an outdoor patio cover.

V Pan Patio Cover

This is a very popular choice for homeowners.  The V-Pan patio cover comes at a much lower cost, but is still strong and durable.  It is designed to withstand heavy loads of rain and snow in the most severe climates.  You can build your V-Pan patio cover up to 20 feet without needing a centre beam to extend your patio area.  You can also choose to install skylights throughout your V-Pan patio cover to maximize natural light without losing too much shade.  Installing skylights over your houses windows will also maximize the natural light coming into your home.

DIY V-Pan Patio Cover Promotion

V-Pan patio covers are relatively easy to install and come in kits for the avid do-it-yourselfer.  For a limited time, select sizes of “do it yourself” V-Pan Patio Covers are on sale at Select Sunrooms Calgary.

Don’t wait, inquire now for details.