There are many health benefits of natural light.  Did you know we are affected both physiologically and physiologically by the different spectrums given off by different types of light?

There are many different wavelengths of light, and all effect the human body in different ways.  Unlike electrical lights, the sun is made up of a balanced spectrum of colour.  This balanced spectrum helps our bodies function more naturally.  “Daylight” has been associated with improved mood, enhanced moral, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain.  During the winter season in Calgary, much of our waking hours are spent indoors under electric light.  Increasing the amount of natural light in the home could have a positive effect on our health and wellness.

According to Dr. John Ott of Ott Biolight Systems, a healthy exposure to natural light can help cell regeneration, vitamin absorption, and help prevent disease.  Natural light stimulates the brain and is vital to maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

When we speak about health, balance, and physiological regulation, we are referring to the function of the body’s major health keepers; the nervous system and the endocrine system. These major control centers of the body are directly stimulated and regulated by light, to an extent far beyond what modern science…has been willing to accept. – JDr. John Ott

In an essay published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a mentioned study evaluated the health benefits of natural light on  prison inmates.  Inmates were given different window views.  The findings were that inmates with windows facing meadows or mountains had significantly lower rates of stress-related sick calls that those looking at a wall or building.  Also, those who had light coming in from the second floor had less sick-related calls than those on the first.

It is most natural to want to be outside, so being affected positively by natural views and natural light is…natural!  If we look back into history we’ll find that humans have always spent most of their time outside.  Back then we didn’t even know the health benefits of natural light.  Nowadays we work inside and with new technologies and indoor entertainment we spend most of our free time indoors too, especially on cold dark winter evenings.

Natural Light in the Home

Let in the natural light and afford yourself more expansive and natural views with windows or a sunroom in your home.  Select Sunrooms has many options for sunrooms including the curved-eaved sunroom that gives you a solarium that fills your home with natural light and maximizes your viewing.

You can really let the sun shine in with a conservatory designed and built by Select Sunrooms.  Reap the health benefits of natural light knowing your conservatory is built for energy efficiency, using insulated and high performance Low-E glass, thermally broken frames, and shading systems.

Another solution for more natural light in your home, and a very popular one for Calgary homes, are straight eave sunrooms.  Easily adaptable to any style of home, these sunrooms are designed for the weather systems we get in Calgary and surrounding area and give you a comfortable sanctuary filled with healthy natural light.

There are many health benefits to bringing more natural light into your home with a sunroom from Select Sunrooms.  There are other advantages as well, including: increasing the value of your home and giving you more living space.