Imagine this upcoming spring and summer with a new sunroom addition.  Walls of glass allow in natural light and give you the feeling of being outdoors without having to worry about bugs, wind or rain.  It’s where you’ll relax with a coffee in the mornings, host guests in the evenings or watch the kids play in the yard on weekends.  Are you considering installing a sunroom this spring?

Although it’s only February, spring will get here sooner than you think.   Here are some tips to help you prepare for and make decisions regarding your new sunroom addition.  It is not a small investment.  Careful and considerate planning will ensure you see a return on that investment, increasing your property value by giving you an attractive and useful addition to your home.

Choose a Design that Suites your Needs

What would you like to use your new sunroom for?   For entertaining, dining, watching movies, eating breakfast or growing plants and gardens?  Do you want to use it in the winter time or are you just interested in a three season sunroom?  Do you need plenty of space or just need a comfortable nook?  From curved and straight eaved, conservatory or gable style or pool enclosures and patio rooms there are a lot of options for sunroom design and functionality.

It’s also important to consider the physical space you have in your yard for the sunroom and it’s relation to your house.  Do you have the space for the sunroom design you want?  Consider which direction your sunroom will face.  South facing sunrooms will get a lot of sunlight while north facing a lot of shade.  Point it to the west to enjoy sunsets or the east if you prefer to watch the sun rise!

Choose your Materials

Homeowners have to be conscious of  energy efficiency when it comes to choosing materials for a sunroom.  Make sure your sunroom is built with high performance dual pane glass and a thermally broken frame.  Sunrooms from Select Sunrooms are equipped with modern, energy efficient materials that will give you peak efficiency and lower energy costs.  It’s important that your frame will be a good insulator and provide good structural support.  Frame options include vinyl, aluminum and wood interior frames.

Windows and Doors

You can also choose the type of windows you would like in your sunroom.  Would you like your windows to be operational, opening and closing as you desire?  Put in a few custom sliding windows, single hung window, awning or casement, matched up with your frame selection.  You can get fancy with cresting, stained and etched glass and custom built doors.  Decide if you would like screen doors, French doors or a commercial door.  The possibilities are endless.

Be sure you are installing energy efficient windows.  Do not settle for anything less than double glazed windows.  Low-E glazing is the best as it allows the light to shine in but reflects the heat.  The can also block harmful ultra violet rays which can cause your furniture and carpets to fade.  These energy efficient windows and glass doors are not cheap, but will stand the test of time and will help you reduce energy costs in the long run.


“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory!” – Benjamin Franklin

Consider Climate Control

It is important to consider climate control in your sunroom, especially if you plan on installing an all season sunroom.  You will need proper ventalition.  Choose windows that open and close, install a ceiling fan or vents to help with air flow.

In the summer your sunroom can get hot.  Installing blinds or shades will help reduce the heat when you don’t want it and provide a level of privacy as well.  Since we live in a northern climate we have to consider how we will heat our sunroom.  Attaching it to your central heating system, installing sub-floor heating, or adding a fireplace are all options.

The First Step

The first step to planning and installing a new sunroom addition is to visit Select Sunrooms .  After a brief meeting we will have a good understanding of your needs and can begin the process.  Together, we will design your dream sunroom.  Select Sunrooms will provide drawings that will help with construction, as well as give you an idea of how it will look on the outside of the house as well as the interior.  We will also take care of the necessary engineering and building permits required to complete your project.

When you’re ready to break ground, our professional installers will start construction.  We will continue to work with you throughout the process, ensuring that the options, style and functionality of your sunroom are exactly what you wanted.

Contact us today!

“When my husband and I thought we might want to add a sunroom to the back of our house we talked to a couple of companies during our evaluation period.  When we met with Select Sunrooms and in particular, Fred, what impressed us from the beginning was that he  didn’t just listen to what we thought we wanted but he took the time to look at our space and listen to our needs and came up with the absolute best solution that we couldn’t have imagined had he not took the time to work with us.  Select Sunrooms provided a custom made solution that fits our space perfectly.  We are so happy with our completed sunroom and the professionalism of all the people who worked on our sunroom was outstanding.” – Deanne, Calgary