Sunrooms are common additions because they support a casual lifestyle and add flexible living space. These sunroom ideas show the many ways to build and use all-season spaces while complementing the existing exterior style of your home. Here are our top five ways to seamlessly integrate a sunroom into your home.



Easy-Maintenance Exterior

This addition’s exterior was styled to match the existing house with easy-care vinyl siding and windows. Lush landscaping hides the exposed foundation and makes the addition look as though it were part of the original structure.



Architectural Details

The brickwork and rough-cut stone sills under this addition’s windows match those on the main house, and the scalloped siding matches the siding on the dormer. Even the brackets under the roof overhang echo those on the existing structure. Attention to such details can be expensive, but it helps maintain value, particularly in a historical home.



Glass-Top Conservatory

A glass-crowned sunroom, such as this one, is a sure way to bring natural light into your sunroom. However, without careful planning, glass-top conservatories can get uncomfortably warm. In addition to requesting low-E glass and tints to filter sunlight, consider installing retractable shades overhead to help control light and heat.



Sunroom with Awning Windows

Manually operated awning windows provide an escape route for sun-warmed air while offering some protection against sudden summer showers. Deep roof overhangs shade the glass during the hottest part of the day.



Modular Sunroom

This prefabricated sunroom features a roof that matches the rest of the home, allowing it to blend seamlessly.