The Showroom – What’s in it for me?

I have heard it argued that the expense of a showroom in this industry isn’t warranted.  After all, doesn’t an elaborate showroom make the customer wary that they might be the ones helping to pay for said showroom?  Why not forego the showroom and pass on those savings to the customer?  This very question sits at the heart of my topic.  We decided it was in the best interest of our customers to build a new showroom.  And if you are a potential client you might very well inquire, “Why? What’s in it for me”?


More than a place to simply test drive technology in the sunroom industry, we wanted a place that could convey to our potential customers who we are.  Because everyone knows someone that has had a less than satisfactory experience with renovations or construction, we wanted to set people’s hearts at ease from the get go.  We have gone to the time and expense of investing in our company because it is our intention to continue in this industry.  We feel that our showroom inspires confidence in our commitment to professionalism and quality workmanship.  You don’t have to merely take our word for it that we know what know our business; we get to take you around our premises and show you. 

The office and showroom have staff that are visible and knowledgeable, so whether you walk in off of the street, call or email, there is always someone available to communicate with you.   Because we want people to have a comfortable experience from start to finish, we wanted to be sure our customers had a place that was conducive to planning and design.  It’s one thing to see a mock up of a sunroom on a lap top at some coffee shop, but there is nothing like the hands-on education that we are able to provide in our showroom.  We are delighted that people find the space inspiring.

If you or someone you know is in the market for a sunroom, I invite you to come and visit us in person at Select Sunrooms and Windows, 50 – 5329 72 Avenue S.E.
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