Your sunroom has become your favourite room in the house.  All winter long you’ve enjoyed the benefits of natural light, adding warmth on those cold days and a comfortable place to spend time relaxing or entertaining.  Now spring has arrived and summer is on the horizon.  Give your sunroom a new summery look and feel with a clever layout, new fabrics, furniture and accents.  Here are some tips:

Sunroom Furniture for Summer

The more you enjoy the room’s furnishings the more time you’ll spend in your sunroom, so you want your sunroom furniture for be comfortable and inviting.  The latest trends call for furniture that has natural wood or a base painted in whites and creams with vivid contrasting upholstery, pillows and surrounding decor.  Choose colours and patterns that match the rest of your home’s design and consider the natural colours outside (green grass, blue sky, flowers in your garden) as natures canvas will enhance the colour scheme inside your sunroom too. 

Curtains for your Sunroom

Curtains can drastically change the overall ambience of your sunroom.  Having dark, drab curtains will rob your sunroom from the long bright sunlight of summer.  Switch things up with long, airy curtains made of sheer materials.  They will still provide shade in your sunroom during the hottest parts of the day, but will give the room more light and allow you to be more creative with your accent decor.

Here are some ideas for sheer curtains from Houzz:

If you find your sunroom is still getting too hot, hang blinds or roll screens behind your decorative curtains.  This gives you the option of keeping the room cool in the afternoon heat and will also help keep it warm on those rainy summer mornings.  Blinds will also provide privacy.

Area Rugs for your Sunroom

Add colour and texture to your sunroom with a tasteful throw or area rug.  This will also add comfort to the room by taking away the morning chill of hardwood, laminate or tile flooring.  Place your rug under your furniture and purchase an easy-to-clean UV-treated rug to prevent fading in the sun.   Your area rug can bring out the colours of your pillows and cushions and can be changed again in the fall to better match the season.

Click on the link for some inspiration for sunroom area rugs.

Flowers and Plants for your Sunroom

Fresh floral arrangements will bring vibrant and natural eye-catchers into you sunroom.  Since your sunroom is protected by the elements, you can grow tropical house plants knowing they’ll last all year long.  Plants like hibiscus, passion flower, orchids, Easter and Christmas cactus’ all grow well in sunrooms.  Integrate a few hanging baskets of spider plants or boston ferns, or fill the room with more colour buy planting a brightly coloured floral arrangement in your basket.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?  Get some ideas for your summer sunroom decorating from this article: “Indoor Porches You’ll Love“.  You’ll find inspiration for furniture, sunroom window coverings, area rugs, throw pillows and other decor.

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