Horror Story Prevention

I could tell you horror story after horror story.  Seriously, I think I could probably out “horror storify” Mike Holmes himself.  The sad part is that, almost without exception, these tales of construction woe could have been avoided if the consumer had heeded this one simple piece of advice:  “Do your due diligence”.   There is simply no substitute for due diligence.  After 30 years in the sunroom business, this is the single most important comment I have to make regarding the sunroom manufacturing and installation industry. 

What exactly does due diligence entail when it comes to a major purchase such as a sunroom?  In my opinion there are several important factors to consider.  How long has the company been in operation?  Do they have any pending law suits?  Do they have a solid rating with the BBB and if not why not?  Are they willing to provide a portfolio of completed jobs?  Do they specialize in sunrooms or are they a general contractor that dabbles in sunrooms?  What about testimonials from satisfied customers?  I don’t mean 1 or 2- even the worst contractor can do something right occasionally- I mean 100 or 200 solid testimonials.  This is taking word-of-mouth to the next level whereby a firm pattern of consistency is clearly established.  What about customer service? Do these testimonials attest to follow-up care?  No one can promise you absolute perfection, but in the event that a problem arises, will the company be there to deal with a problem promptly and efficiently?  Do they have a showroom and knowledgeable staff that can walk you through the design and planning?  Is there someone in the office to field your telephone calls or will you be forced to deal with a cell phone that may or may not be answered? An established company with a showroom doesn’t just pack up and skip town leaving you with a substandard product and a tail light guarantee.  The adage that you get what you pay for is all too true in this industry.  I would caution anyone to be wary of a quote that is significantly lower than the rest.   (Yes, you do need more than one quote.)

A sunroom is a significant investment; I would not even consider embarking on its purchase without adhering to some of the guidelines I have outlined.  At Select Sunrooms, we build quality sunrooms.  We would far rather walk you through the process on the front end then try and console you after a fly-by-night outfit has taken your hard-earned money and left you with an unsatisfactory product.  We’ve been around for more than 30 years building a quality custom product.  Customer service isn’t just a tag line or slogan; its how we have built a successful business.  For further information about our products and services, check our website. www.selectsunrooms.ca

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