Now that it is summer, you want to spend as much time outside as possible.  Imagine if you could bring the benefits of outdoor living indoors without the outdoor elements of heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and insects?  You would have the best of both worlds.  There are many benefits to having a sunroom.

Sunrooms Increase your Home’s Value

Putting in a sunroom addition is a very worthy investment.  Major home renovations can be pricey and many Calgary homeowners are nervous that their investment in upgrades won’t add sufficient value to their home.  Obviously, any substantial and needed upgrade will help increase the value of your property, but with a sunroom addition you can expect to see a great return on your investment.

Sunrooms are very attractive for potential buyers.  They require such little maintenance but offer so much for those living in the home.  Buyers will see the value in having the additional living space for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and spending time as a family.  Also, today’s sunrooms are efficient, made of durable materials, are more attractive and easier to build than ever before.

Sunrooms Increase your Quality of Life

Sunrooms give your home an aesthetic appeal.  A properly designed sunroom will enhance the architecture and natural surrounds of your home.  Even though it increases the financial value of your home, it also enhances your home life whether you are planning to sell or not.  It is likely that your new sunroom will become the most favourite room in the house.

There is something about eating breakfast in a sunroom that makes you feel like you are on vacation.  Imagine having that feeling every day?  Use your sunroom as a personal spa room, an indoor garden area for flowers and even vegetables, an indoor exercise room, or an alternate dining area.  Many homeowners use their sunrooms as an in-home office, a games room, a place for meditation, and even a media room.

“When we made the decision to add a special place for me to admire the beauty of the scenery surrounding our foothills retirement home.  Select Sunrooms achieved this goal with their unique all glass custom design.  It has in every aspect become a room of joy and beauty where I can entertain friends and family and connect with nature in comfort as the seasons change.  It has given me tranquility and pleasure and is well worth the investment.  It has increased the quality of life and added a new dimension to my living space while I experience being outdoors, while being protected  from the elements.   You can find me in my all season sunroom curled up reading a good book, listening to the rain on the roof, or watching the snowflakes floating in the air; all dry, cozy and warm; or enjoying a sultry summer day away from the harmful rays of sun with a cool breeze blowing through the windows.” 

Jacki–Lynne from Calgary

Sunrooms Add Value – Not Stress

Large renovation projects can be a headache.  They are time consuming, expensive, and interrupt your home life during construction.  When you have a sunroom installed by Select Sunrooms you can expect high quality workmanship and timely completion.  The process is painless as the professionals at Select sunrooms take care of all the details, quickly listen and respond to your concerns, and are sensitive to your family’s home life during installation.  Your new sunroom is a home addition that is professionally designed and engineered, it’s affordable and easy to construct without disrupting the home.

Increase the beauty, functionality and value of your home.  Contact Select Sunrooms, visit our beautiful showroom, and start the process increasing the value of your home (and the your living space) with a sunroom addition.