Record high temperatures hit Calgary this past week and the amount of air conditioner usage pushed Calgary’s power grid to its limits. Fortunately, there’s a great and economical way to keep cool during these hot summers without having to stay inside an air conditioned room. Select Retractable Roofs cover your patio while allowing you to enjoy the outdoor air. The fabric is made of laminated PVC and is designed to withstand anything from hot and dry Calgary summers to heavy downpours.

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Just as the name implies, these roofs retract when you don’t need them. Simply use the remote to pull it back when the weather is moderate enough to enjoy without it. Select Retractable Roofs give you the freedom to use your patio as often as you want, without forcing you to commit to a permanent roof. Available in a variety of materials and colours, so they never look out of place when put on your home or business.

Retractable roofs are Calgary’s hottest item this summer. Get yours today and enjoy the rest of summer without worrying about incurring huge electrical bill charges. Chat with us, inquire, call, or come visit us to get started!