Perhaps the biggest reason people get a sunroom is because there is no true definition of what a sunroom is supposed to be. In the most basic sense, a sunroom is additional space in your home that is energy efficient because it uses the sun to heat and light the space. Thereby cutting down on your energy costs. But what you use that space for is entirely up to you. You don’t need to stick with padded chairs or coffee tables just because you’ve seen those in all the pictures. Here are a few different uses you could use for your sunroom.

Make it a family hangout


You might be wondering: “Why would I want another family hangout if I already have a living room?”

The answer is simple. Your living room probably has a TV, computer, etc. Leading to distractions during family time. Instead, reserve your sunroom for some low tech fun and family bonding. Add some board games and plush cushions and you’re set for family game night. If your kids are particularly young, a sunroom also makes a good play room that feels like the outdoors but is within the safety zone of your home.

Make it a formal space


Perhaps these days, the living room with all its tech is better suited for teens and young kids. So maybe it’s a better idea to make your sunroom a child free zone. Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that people use large bank windows, a chandelier and classic patterns to create an elegant space perfect for tea or conversation with other adults.

Make it an outdoor dining area


Well, not actually outdoors. A sunroom can make a great nontraditional dining room and is a smart choice for when bigger parties wouldn’t fit in the usual dining room. Create a space that can fit a large wooden table and a few chairs or benches. Not only are the many windows perfect for dinner as a picturesque background, but they let in the sun for a bright breakfast that’ll help wake you up. You can even embrace the outdoor vibe and include a large grill with a ventilation hood for a summery cooking option year-round.

Make it a comfortable resting space


Sometimes you just want to lay back and read a book or take a nap under the sun. A sunroom is the perfect space for some rest and relaxation. Add a bookshelf or two with some of your favourite books, a La-Z-Boy chair, and a mini-fridge and you got yourself the ultimate break room. Put a fireplace with ventilation shafts in and you could make a room that is ideal for stargazing. With certain windows and insulation, you may even make an additional bedroom for your home.

The possibilities are endless because a sunroom is ultimately yours to use in any way you please. These are just a few of the many uses a sunroom offers you. If you’re still stumped on sunroom ideas, we’ve got a whole gallery of sunroom interiors for you to look at on our Gallery page.