Select Awnings launched July this year with a stunning line of new products, some of which are showcased in our showroom. You can also visit the Select Awnings site for more details:

So why get a Select Awning?

All Select products have three goals:

  • Save on energy
  • Protect you and your home from UV rays
  • Add value to your home

An awning does all these things at the lowest price. Natural shade from an awning saves you money on expensive air conditioning units and the accompanying energy bill. Strong fabrics protect from hail and other severe weather patterns. Plus the fabric blocks out harmful UV radiation that would otherwise pierce your windows. Remote control allows for easy adjustment at the push of a button.

All of these add value and appeal to your home. Choose from many colours and styles to match your needs. An awning is one of the simplest and fastest upgrades you can do to a home. It’s a no brainer!

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