Have you ever gotten a flyer in the mail for a pizza store that sells 2 14″ pizzas for $15? Ever wonder how they compete with franchises selling 2 for $25 or high end pizzarias with $20 single pizzas? It’s probably because the pizza’s are store bought and frozen. You as the consumer won’t realize it before it’s too late and you’re stuck with 2 disgusting pizzas. Now you may not care about losing $15 for pizzas you don’t want to eat, but what if you felt that way about a $20,000 sunroom? No matter how low the price, you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse on a sunroom. It’s always worth paying a little bit more for the guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

When making a huge purchasing decision like adding a sunroom to your home, you probably considered looking for the lowest price possible. Comparing prices is normal and encouraged so you make the smartest purchase decision. But price is only one factor of a myriad of things you should be looking for when thinking about a sunroom.  There are plenty of ways some companies cut corners in order to give you the lowest possible price. Worker wages, material quality, adherence to safety protocols… The list goes on. They have to appeal to your consumer instinct to buy cheap, because they are unable to differentiate their product any other way.

Here are some questions you need to ask before you commit to a particular contractor:

  • How well does the company know its own products? You want to make sure they really are experts. Doing your own research can come a long way in this regard. Check out their website and read the product descriptions. Compare multiple companies and see how similar products stack up. The less they have to say about a product, they less they know.
  • What are the conditions of my warranty? You want to make sure the length of the warranty period is reasonable for the product. A lot of companies will give anywhere from 30 day to 1 year warranty terms, but realistically, problems don’t even begin to show until at least 3 years. You also want it to cover things like hail, which can be fairly common in some parts of Alberta.
  • Will they safely dispose of construction waste after the project is complete? Here is something most people don’t consider. It takes time and money to clean up while on the job, but it’s actually a bigger waste of time and money to make a trip back just to clean up. Cost cutting companies will leave without cleaning and most people won’t think to complain about it. They assume it’s their own responsibility when it isn’t.

Select strives to be a consumer centric contractor. The price you get is the price of quality service, proper installation, and excellent materials. We also have the industry’s best warranty. When Airdrie was hit with a devastating hail storm, our staff was out there repairing the damage the day after. Because all our sunrooms are custom built, we also make sure the materials used match your home’s specifications. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your sunroom will really stand the climate of your area. In cases like hail or flooding, you need to make sure your sunrooms are insured to cover weather and natural disasters.

Why am I telling you this? Because with the proper research and the right questions, you’ll likely come to the same conclusions as me. If you consider what is being taken away in order to meet such a low price, you’ll often find that saving a few thousand dollars is not worth the risk. It’s like buying a car without doors because it’s cheaper to build a doorless car. Select Sunrooms promises that the product you receive is complete and built to satisfaction.